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Filing a Consumer Complaint:
Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery Online Complaint Form

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)

Buying or Leasing a Used Vehicle

Credit Counselling and Debt Settlement Services

Credit Repair

Door-to-Door Sales

Identity Theft

Motor Vehicle Repairs

Online, Telephone and Mail-Order Shopping

Payday Loans

Telephone and Internet Scams

Unfair Practices: When Sellers Break the Rules

Your Credit Report

Canada’s Office of Consumer Affairs

Canadian Consumer Handbook

Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

Taking Action with your Consumer Rights

Consumer Protection Rebuilding Consumer Confidence

Contracts and Memberships

Consumer Protection when Shopping

Consumer Protection Information about Homes and Renovations

Consumer Protection Information for Drivers

Consumer Protection Information for Credit, Loans and Debt Collection

Consumer Protection when Planning a Funeral, Burial, Cremation or Scattering

Consumer Protection Information around Travelling and Entertainment

Consumer Protection Information for Families and Relationships

Additional Resources

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Financial Services Commission of Ontario

Ontario Energy Board