DOJ Seniors Survey

A Qualitative Look at Serious Legal Problems for Seniors

ACE is seeking Ontario seniors (55+) to share their stories with us for a qualitative study.


The Department of Justice has undertaken a series of qualitative studies with specific demographic groups to better understand their experiences of serious legal problems, how they tried to resolve those problems, and the impacts of those problems. They have found there is very little data on serious problems experienced by seniors.

We want to change that!

ACE has been hired as an independent researcher to gather information on the serious problems experienced by Ontario seniors over the last 3 years. This project has been organized to address some of the data gaps that the DOJ has identified. The information gathered will aid Government agencies and other service providers to more fully understand seniors’ unmet legal needs and to develop appropriate policies to meet those needs.

Recruitment of Participants

ACE is looking to recruit 25 to 30 participants for one-on-one interviews from all over Ontario. The target demographic for participants are seniors aged 55 years and older. We want to include participants from a wide range of backgrounds that reflect the diversity of Ontario’s aging population. We will be offering an honorarium to the seniors selected to participate.
Some examples of questions include:
  • What types of serious problems have you experienced in the last 3 years?
  • What have you tried to resolve the problems?
  • Have you resolved the problems through the legal system?
  • What has been the impact of these problems on your life?

Participation is completely voluntary. All information will be kept anonymous and confidential.

Study participants were interviewed up until the end of December 2023.