RHRA Update – March 30, 2023

March 30, 2023 


Transitional Care: Managing Residents Transitioning from Hospital

RHRA protects the rights and wellbeing of retirement home residents, and in doing so works closely with licensees and operators to ensure proper care plans are put in place. As retirement homes are governed by the Retirement Homes Act and the Residential Tenancies Act, licensees and operators play a dual role as operators and landlords to residents.

As part of this dual role, licensees and operators have an obligation and responsibility to ensure the needs of residents transitioning back into their homes from another setting, such as a hospital, are accommodated. RHRA’s Managing Residents Transitioning from Hospital FAQ clarifies the transitional obligations of licensees and operators.

If you have any questions, please email info@rhra.ca or call 1 855-ASK-RHRA (1-855-275-7472).

RHRA’s Transition Plan Guide
All the information you need to know before ceasing to operate

As part of RHRA’s work to support retirement homes in their efforts to protect the wellbeing of residents, RHRA wants to ensure licensees and operators are equipped with the proper educational resources to thoroughly understand their obligations under the Retirement Homes Act.

When a licensee has made the decision to stop operating a facility as a retirement home, they can surrender their licence. RHRA will only accept the surrendered licence once a compliant and acceptable transition plan has been provided, approved, and successfully executed.

To assist homes, RHRA has created an easy to follow transition plan guide outlining the obligations and requirements that must be followed when shutting down a retirement home. This plan includes a reminder of providing residents with 120 days notice prior to ceasing to operate.

If you have questions about your obligations before ceasing to operate a retirement home, please email info@rhra.ca or call 1-855-ASK-RHRA (1-855-275-7472).


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