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Letter to the Editor: Protecting Elderly Patients

Published Dec 1 2023 | via the National Post Protecting elderly patients Re: Ontario woman says her dying grandma was asked to leave the hospital after she outlived her cancer prognosis — Sam Riches, Nov. 21 It is not infrequent that the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly is contacted by patients or family members about patients being discharged from palliative care because they did not die by an arbitrary deadline.

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NEWS RELEASE: Ontario Strengthening Protections for Consumers

New legislation proposing measures to eliminate unfair business practices and new enforcement powers to hold bad actors accountable. Quotes: “The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly (ACE) welcomes the new Consumer Protection Act that will strengthen and reinforce consumer rights and provide new effective remedies to seniors victimized by scams and frauds involving exploitative consumer transactions such as misleading contract terms.

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